Risk Assessment

Your compliance is our priority. As specialists in built form risk, it is our job to review, assess and improve your building’s safety. TESG will conduct safety audits, risk assessments, hazardous materials assessments, risk management, third party contractor audits, fire, and emergency management. We have provided compliance and due diligence advice to some of Australia’s largest companies and we are here to do the same for you.

Combustible cladding site reports

TESG is one of a few companies with a direct cladding insurance clause. This means, should it be viable, we can “legally and with a high degree of certainty” report on your buildings cladding needs. If cladding is suspected of being non-compliant, we can provide onsite visual assessment reports on the materials and its compliance with the National code. TESG can also do a complete investigation of the site including;

  • Collection of samples
  • Testing of the fragments by a certified testing laboratory
  • Formal confirmation of its compliance or non-compliance
  • Potential cladding replacement options
  • Risk management procedures used to minimise risks to building occupants

These findings will be issued as a comprehensive building permit report that we will personally walk through with you to ensure you have all the facts.

Risk Assessments

TEGS will do a thorough review of all your assets. A full assessment of your workplace will be documented, and a comprehensive report completed. This report will list all areas that are compliant, and in order of priority, those that need action to meet regulatory requirements. For items that are non-complaint, we provide detailed solutions to help you satisfy Australian standards.

Hazardous Material Assessments

TESG provide advice on removal and management of hazardous chemicals and materials including;

  • Asbestos risks and removal
  • Storage solutions for hazardous chemicals
  • Registration of hazardous substances

Our solution focused review, assessment and improvement action plan will take care of everything you need to ensure your workplace is safe and fully compliant.

Third-Party Contractor Audits

TESG can assist in reviewing your third-party contractors, saving you time, and providing peace of mind. Our audits cover all aspects of compliance and include a complete checklist to confirm adherence to Australian Standards. We will review and report on their current performance and track their progress if any action is needed to ensure compliance.