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TESG offer a registered fire safety engineering service that will provide a clear understanding of your current situation and deliver a compliant action plan including consultancy & assessment, fire safety engineering auditing and risk advice & management.

Ensuring you are compliant is our priority and we have expert fire safety engineers nationally who are specialists in local codes and planning standards. Working across a range of building sizes and sites TESG provide a customised response to your fire safety and risk needs.

Fire engineering can offer many benefits to your building, including;

  • Facilitating innovative or unique facility designs that meet the statutory and client’s fire safety goals, including environmental and sustainability goals.
  • Overcoming the limitations of the prescriptive deemed to satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia, such as compartmentation requirements, which restrict the free movement of occupants and equipment. This improves functionality, such as free flow of occupants or the improved use of natural light.
  • Getting the optimum balance of the essential fire safety systems, considering both active and passive protection, and the fire risk in the building.
  • Providing the fire safety systems that have the greatest impact on life safety and property protection at the lowest cost.
  • Minimising maintenance costs.


TESG works closely with architects, building designers, developers, and builders to provide a comprehensive consulting service for the feasibility stage through to design, construction, and management. The following are some of the key deliverables TESG’s experienced Fire Engineering team can provide:

  • Detailed fire and evacuation modelling to justify new commercial building developments
  • Rationalised fire ratings to exposed steel, timber, and masonry design to reduce the initial capital expenditure
  • Performance-based smoke hazard management in large and complex structures
  • Alternative solutions to maintain business continuity in redevelopments that allow areas to be occupied during the construction works
  • Design solutions tailored to reduce the ongoing essential services maintenance costs over the life cycle of a building
  • Fire safety audits and risk assessments
  • Evacuation Modelling
  • Building Code of Australia (BCA) assessments for fire and life safety provisions
  • Construction phase involvement to ensure that the alternative solution is understood and implemented in accordance with our report
  • Identify fire hazards and people at risk and remove or reduce the risk of those hazards causing harm

Determine what fire safety measures and management policies are necessary to ensure the safety of people in the building should a fire occur.

We offer a flexible, goal-based method to your fire risk assessment. A full appraisal of your building will be completed by a team of trained experts both internally and externally, this will be used in the assessment process to ensure we cover all aspects of the fire safety and engineering evaluation. TESG provides a multi-disciplinary process to all building projects and existing buildings. With internal Building Surveyors across Australia and within our Hong Kong office, including internal Fire Services Engineering, Mechanical Engineers and Hydraulic Engineers, we are providing all projects with a truly integrated team-focused approach.


Fire Safety is part of the total management of your site, we will work with you to review the big picture. Our team deliver thorough, transparent reports that analyse and evaluate all fire scenarios resulting in a detailed management plan to maintain the safety of your buildings.


We pride ourselves on our clear, professional advice and are committed to achieving your goals of providing a compliant fire safety and engineering environment. TESG are also dedicated to providing the most up to date research on fire safety requirements. Our technical team use this data to fully evaluate the fire risks of your building giving you peace of mind that we have thoroughly identified your needs and have it all covered. TESG’s Fire Safety Engineers also provide forensic engineering and expert witness advice to all Class 2 – 9 buildings.