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It is our priority to keep your assets compliant and safe. We have a range of assessment, audit and advice services that will look at your present situation, assist in preparing for the future and provide solutions for all your building needs. TESG Building Surveyors bring together many of Australia’s most respected and knowledgeable professionals. With a focus on integrity and a commitment to delivering safe, practical solutions on time and to budget, the TESG team has an established reputation for operating at the highest industry standards.


To ensure economic and cost effective design and integration with state and territory regulations and the National Building Codes, TESG will engage with architects, project managers, builders and developers at the pre-development stage. During this phase TESG will work closely with the client to outline design issues and highlight potential performance solutions for the project.

Most buildings require an external building assessment before you sign off on your project. TESG Building Surveyors are registered nationally and can easily and efficiently provide all building approvals. Both mandatory and non-mandatory building inspections can be done throughout all stages of your building works, allowing us to issue your occupancy permits/certificates at the completion of the project.

TESG is here to give you a clear, precise assessment of the compliance position of your building or design so you can make informed decisions. We can assist from the early stages of the design concept and provide timely advice on alternative performance solution methodologies where needed to demonstrate design compliance.


Our Building Surveyors have the expertise to conduct a thorough assessment of existing buildings to identify shortfalls in compliance in accordance with code. These reports include a risk rating of each item to inform you of potential areas for future investment in your facilities. The TESG building compliance audit provides a complete built environment report that allows management to make informed decisions that will be within the current National Construction and Building Codes of Australia.

It is important that your building is fully accessible by all in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. TESG can conduct desktop and inspection audits to identify areas of non-compliance for disability access and safety movement. Where a building owner or occupier is subject to legal action, TESG building surveyors can provide advice and assist in navigating through the legal process to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all parties, including guidance with planning/development applications, reports and statements in relation to accessibility and DDA requirements.  We can also perform audits of new and existing buildings to identify areas of DDA non compliances, which are done during the design stages and constructions phases.

Using our agreed risk matrix tool, we can assist clients in protecting the life safety of their building and occupiers. Our experienced staff will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your site and complete a full audit to determine the suitability of current fire protection measures in place. They will then provide you with recommendations on a priority basis should there be any improvements that need to be made.


TESG building surveyors can take the stress out of the building enforcement process by helping you navigate through the red tape. We can represent you when dealing with statutory authorities and develop action plans to achieve the required outcome of the notice or order.

In all facets of the built environment, we can assist you with general advice and consultancy services relating to your building compliance obligations. TESG is here to help you no matter how large or small the need is. The TESG team can consult and advise on regulation, code and fire and life safety for building projects. We can also identify alternative, cost-effective design solutions to achieve compliance liaison with relevant statutory authorities and provide certification and building inspections during construction.

TESG Building Surveyors are experienced in providing expert legal opinions and reports for use in legal proceedings, as well as appearing in court on behalf of clients to provide expert opinion testimony. Our specialists have the knowledge and the qualifications to represent clients nationally in all areas, with properties ranging from single to multi-level buildings across a broad spectrum of industries. TESG senior staff currently hold roles on the Victorian Building Appeals Board, Chairman of WA Building Authority, representation United Nations: International Fire Safety Standards Committee – Australian Expert Representative, National Committee Member – Standards Australia: Aluminium Composite Panels.

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