Workplace Health and Safety Audits

Workplace Health
& Safety Audits

TESG specialises in Work Health and Safety Audits, risk assessments, compliance and due diligence advice. We have Work Health and Safety experience in companies of all sizes and risk profiles, and provide advice to some of Australia’s largest companies.

Workplace Health & Safety Audits

An inspection of the workplace is essential for creating ongoing and sustainable improvements to worker health, safety, well-being and productivity.

The objective of the workplace inspection is to identify workplace hazards, key risks and health & safety issues within the premises and determine the level of industry and government compliance. TESG will identify and prioritise these risks and make recommendations to ensure implementation can be achieved with ongoing compliance and effective control measures. TESG provides experienced health and safety consultants to work closely with their clients and workers, and provides a detailed report outlining timeframes, actions and follow up required. TESG can also audit third party contractors.

Identification of hazards and the resulting planning and safety system implementation can reduce legal risk, maintain productivity, provide an objective perspective, protect workers, boost employee morale, and reassure investors and clients.

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