“The following is provided as a testimonial of services provided to Chisholm Institute of Tafe.

Total Essential Services Group commenced services with Chisholm in 2000, they are responsible to Audit and provide non-compliance reports all buildings on all 6 campuses, Dandenong, Frankston, Berwick, Wonthaggi, Rosebud and Cranbourne campuses.

Total Essential Services Group has provided an excellent service on all Campuses over the last 12 years with ongoing support in the building compliance area. Total Essential Services Group has provided Facilities management solutions and recommendation particularly in the building condition assessment and roof access compliance and statutory requirements.. Total Essential Services Group have also been contracted to undertake Tender analysis and reviews particularly in the Mechanical and Fire services contracts.

As a part of Chisholm Compliance requirements and quarterly inspections, Total Essential Services Group attend quarterly meetings on behalf of Chisholm Institute with the Mechanical and Fire services contractors to go through the quarterly report and identify the non-compliance and uncompleted works.

I have no hesitation in recommending Total Essential Services Group

If you require any further information I can be contacted on 0418 566 275 or 92125265“.

John Curcio, Team Leader Operations – Chisholm Institute