Senior Management

Tristan Bruce

State Manager, WA, SA & NT, Essential Safety Compliance

A specialist fire industry practitioner with 15 years’ experience in building projects, fire safety and building compliance across government and the private sectors. Tristan has a detailed proficiency into fire protection system architecture, and integration of the associated systems life safety systems installed into the built environment.

With extensive experience in specialized structures and infrastructure sites such as Defence, Power Station, Aviation, Industrial and Telecommunication facilities, through to Hospital, Hotel, Retail and multi-storey commercial buildings of all types.

This montage of experience and in depth knowledge translates to provide clients in Building Infrastructure Services, Engineering sectors, and Facilities Management with tangible outcomes, focusing on the delivery of Essential Safety Measures compliance services across.

Tristan displays the ability to develop effective relationships with stakeholders, and capacity to understand client objectives in delivering a compliance model to exceed client expectations.

Qualifications and expertise

  • 15 Years Fire Industry Experience
  • Advantage Training & Consulting Ltd – Diploma
  • Tyco Supervisor & Management Course
  • Tyco Legal & Commercial course
  • Leadership Management Australia P/L – Performance Edge
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industries – Corporate Development.
  • Gaseous Fire Suppression & Design (Sapphire, R102 / Piranha)
  • Vesda Accreditation & Aspirated Design (Aspire calculation)
  • Fire Protection Association of Australia technical seminars relating to industry practices and latest developments to AS 1851
  • Continuous Professional Development- as ongoing WA Building Commission and National Construction Code, AIRAH initiatives
  • Extensive experience to Telstra WA Exchange sites (Wellington St Exchange, Pier St Exchange, PITC Earth Satellite Station)