Overview – Essential Safety Provisions

In South Australia the fire safety systems installed within buildings are called Essential Safety Provisions and are an integral part of the life and safety of occupants within commercial and public buildings in the event of an emergency or fire. Maintenance to the Essential Safety Provisions has been regulated since 1977 to ensure ongoing safety for occupants of buildings. Essential Safety Provisions are defined in Schedule 1 of the Development Regulations and includes any safety systems, equipment or other provisions defined as such, or required to be installed in a building. Regulation 76 of the Development Regulations prescribes the installation, inspection and maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions.

This matter is controlled and regulated via the Development Act 1993 and the Development Regulations 2006. The Development Regulations and associated regulations set out the requirements for the maintenance of the Essential Safety Provisions for both existing and new buildings. Section I of the National Construction Code also regulates for new buildings. The owner of a building has the responsibility to ensure that all Essential Safety Provisions are being properly maintained and tested and to provide annual certification (Form 3) under Regulation 76 (5) & (6).

Regulations and annual certification of Essential Safety Provisions is applied to Class 2 to 9 buildings except for Class 2 buildings less than 4 storeys and not exceeding 200m2 in floor area and Class 3 to 8 buildings less than 3 storeys and not exceeding 500m2 in floor area are exempt. This is unless council deems otherwise through condition on approval or as an outcome of a S71 notice.

Although an annual certificate is not required for the smaller buildings as noted above,  continued maintenance of the Essential Safety Provisions installed is a requirement. The frequency of maintenance of Essential Safety Provisions varies in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards at approval as per Minister’s Specification SA76.

Essential Safety Provisions

Essential Safety Provisions