Overview – Safety Installations

In the Northern Territory the fire safety systems installed within buildings are called Safety Installations and are an integral part of the life and safety of occupants within commercial and public buildings in the event of an emergency or fire. Maintenance of the Safety Installations is the responsibility of the building owner and maintenance is in accordance with Part I of the National Construction Code and the Fire and Emergency Regulations 2011.

This matter is controlled and regulated by the Northern Territory Fire and Emergency Act and Regulations. All Safety Installations are listed in the Northern Territory variation of Section I of the National Construction Code. This also outlines the maintenance standard that has been adopted for each of the Safety Installations. The owner of a building has the responsibility to ensure that Safety Installations are being properly maintained.

The Northern Territory Fire and Emergency Act and Regulations apply to Class 2 – 9 buildings as outlined in Part A3.2 of the National Construction Code. Prescribed buildings are also nominated by the Director of Fire and Rescue Services under the Fire and Emergency Regulation.

The owner must also ensure that AS 3745 – 2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities is applied to the Safety Installations that are installed in the building. The Fire and Emergency Regulations, Regulation 11, requires owners of a prescribed building to ensure all persons who work in the building are given instruction on emergency procedures.

Safety Installations

Safety Installations