Overview – Active Fire Safety Systems

In the ACT, the fire safety systems installed within buildings are called Active Fire Safety Systems and, in the event of an emergency or fire, are an integral part of the life and safety of occupants within commercial and public buildings.

Maintenance of Active Fire Safety Systems within the ACT is regulated by the ACT Fire Brigade, however, The Planning and Land Authority control all Building Legislation within this territory.

the ACT Fire Brigade requires Active Fire Safety Systems to be maintained to AS1851 as per The ACT Fire Brigades Act.

Although there are no legislated requirements for the inspection and maintenance of Active Fire Safety Systems in the Building Regulations, current best practice guidelines would dictate that AS1851 – Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment be adopted and used for the inspection, testing and maintenance of Essential Services. There is currently no requirement for display or submission of Annual Certificates or Statements for buildings in the ACT.

Many NSW-based companies operating in the ACT are still required to display Annual Fire Safety Statements in the buildings owned or managed by their company. Most ACT based Shopping Centres are asking for Annual Fire Safety Statements to be submitted by their major tenants even though there is no regulatory requirement to do so in the ACT.

TESG can assist with ensuring that the Active Fire Safety Systems installed in your building are compliant with all applicable Australian Standards and Legislation. Our fully qualified staff are extremely well versed in the requirements of AS1851 and the Building Regulations and can help to streamline your Safety Measures compliance projects.

For more information on what is included within the Fire Brigade Act and Current legislation, please see documentation available in the following places

Active Fire Safety Systems

Active Fire Safety Systems